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As the seasons change, you may find yourself using your heater for the first time in a while. Or you may discover that your air conditioning has had enough. Our Honda service technicians at Heritage Honda Bel Air are addressing car heating and cooling problems to help you determine what exactly your vehicle needs.  

Issues with Your Heating System 

Is your heater not working properly? Is it failing to get warm enough or struggling to blow out enough hot air to heat your cabin? There are a lot of components in your heating system that could trigger a problem.

Here are a few of the most common reasons that your heater isn’t working:

  • You have low coolant
  • Your heater core is malfunctioning
  • The thermostat is failing or faulty  
  • There’s air in the coolant system
  • Your fan isn’t working properly

Issues with Your Cooling Systems 

What about your air conditioning? Is it acting up? It is struggling to cool down or perhaps the air blowing out isn’t very cool? Perhaps it isn’t blowing out strong enough? There can also be multiple reasons that your cooling system isn’t working as it should. 

  • The refrigerant is low
  • The condenser is clogged or leaking
  • Your compressor is damaged
  • You have a broken belt
  • There are issues with your clutch

The Importance of Maintenance 

As with any part of your vehicle, wear-and-tear is inevitable over time. Routine maintenance can help keep your systems functioning as they should and can even increase their lifespan. Also, during maintenance, we’ll inspect your cabin’s air filter to help ensure your air is clean which can help keep you healthy too.  

Is your vehicle overdue for routine maintenance? Reach out to our Honda dealership in Fallston, MD to give your vehicle the care it needs.  

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