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Have you noticed new puddles on your garage floor? A leak from your vehicle is more than a messy nuisance. It can lead to serious damage in your Honda vehicle. If you spot these common car leaks, it’s important to schedule a Honda repair at Heritage Honda Bel Air.  

Coolant Leak 

Have you spotted a very bright leak under your vehicle? Coolant is typically a light green color, although sometimes can be orange or pink. The brightly-colored fluid often has a sweet smell too. Without coolant, your engine can overheat, so you’ll want to have it repaired as soon as possible.  

Engine Oil Leak 

An engine oil leak will be a greasy looking puddle, typically dark brown in color. If you notice a burning smell under your hood, or smoke coming from the engine, it’s important to get the leak repaired right away. An engine oil leak can lead to serious engine issues and even engine failure.  

Brake Fluid Leak 

A brake fluid leak is another serious issue that should be repaired as soon as possible. Your brakes’ functionality is imperative for your safety. A brake fluid leak will usually be a yellowish fluid or brown in color.  

Power Steering Fluid Leak 

Have you noticed a grinding or whining noise when you turn your steering wheel? This could be the result of a power steering fluid leek. Power steering fluid usually has a reddish or brownish hue and has an oily consistency.  

When you notice a leak under your Honda car, truck, or SUV, think of it as a warning sign. Your vehicle has an issue that could potentially get rather severe. Reach out to our Honda dealership in Fallston, MD to schedule repairs today.  

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