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Today’s Honda vehicles are more complex than older models, but they still require routine care to ensure proper function and safety. Here in our Honda service center, we offer all essential maintenance tasks. 

Honda Service 101 

Knowing what to do in order to take care of your vehicle, and when to do it, is easier than you think. Your owner’s manual has service intervals specific to your vehicle. Once you’re in our system, we will send you reminders as well, and so will the driver information display in many newer models. 

  • Get tire service, including new tires, tire rotations and wheel alignment, to preserve traction, handling, and safety. 
  • Get brake maintenance to assure stops as quick as your starts. 
  • To protect the hardest-working engines in the business, visit us for coolant, filters, or an oil change. 
  • Remember that electrical service, ranging from inspections and cleanings to new batteries, helps your vehicle’s many electrically powered systems to work their best. 

Honda Maintenance for Everyday People 

As an owner or lessee, how can you take better care of your vehicle? 

  • Use the right gasoline for your engine 
  • Maintain proper tire pressure 
  • Observe your vehicle’s payload, towing, and GCWR ratings 
  • Use our express service to save time, plus our parts and service specials to save money 
  • Call or stop by Heritage Honda Bel Air any time you have questions related to vehicle operation, service, or safety 
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