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Are you looking for ways to save at the pump? Make sure you aren’t swayed by these common fuel efficiency myths. Our Honda service technicians at Heritage Honda Bel Air are outlining popular myths and addressing the truth behind them.  

Manual Transmissions Get Better Gas Mileage 

Back in the day, this myth could be considered true. After all, many drivers were able to shift more efficiently than an automatic transmission. However, as much as transmissions have improved through the years, this statement simply isn’t true anymore.

In fact, in some cases, an automatic transmission is more efficient.  

Your Fuel Efficiency Declines as Your Car Gets Older  

This myth likely stems from the fact that some older vehicles aren’t as efficient as new ones. When they aren’t properly maintained, wear and tear is inevitable. When your systems aren’t working like new, this can cause your engine to work harder, leading to more fuel usage.

However, if your car is regularly serviced, your fuel efficiency should remain mostly unchanged.  

You Should Use Premium Gas  

Premium gas is only designed for certain types of vehicles, particularly high-performance vehicles with a turbocharged engine. It is designed to provide a better resistance to engine knock. If you don’t drive one of these vehicles, however, premium gas simply isn’t necessary. In fact, it won’t really make a difference in your vehicle at all.  

When it comes down to it, the best ways to improve your fuel efficiency is to drive with caution and schedule routine auto maintenance to keep your vehicle performing efficiently.

If you are due (or overdue) for service, we recommend you contact our Honda dealership to schedule service right away. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference!  

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