When it comes to the efficiency of your vehicle, routine maintenance is key. There are a multitude of tasks that your vehicle needs, including a Honda coolant flush at Heritage Honda Bel Air.

What is Coolant?

Coolant is a fluid that runs through your engine to help keep it at an ideal temperature. It picks up heat from the engine as it flows to the radiator, is cooled, then recirculates back to the engine. Since your engine gets so hot while it is operating, coolant is necessary to keep your engine from overheating.

What Does Coolant Flush Service Entail?

Coolant flush service is completed to help preserve your vehicle’s cooling system and keep it operating efficiently. During a service appointment, we carefully inspect this system, looking for any unusual or excessive wear. We also remove any dirt and debris from the system and, to help prevent overheating, ensure none of the passages are clogged.

How Often Do I Need Coolant Flush Service?

Typically, we suggest that drivers schedule a coolant flush every 30,000 miles. However, there may be outside factors affecting your schedule. We recommend reviewing your owner’s manual or consulting with our trained technicians to determine the best schedule for your vehicle.

How Do I Know if I am Overdue for Coolant Flush Service?

Even with a set schedule, it’s still important to keep an eye out for warning signs that signal you are overdue for service.

These are a few signs that you need coolant flush service:

  • Your “low coolant” or “check engine” lights are illuminated
  • There’s a strange smell under your hood
  • Your engine is making a knocking or grinding noise
  • There are coolant leaks under your vehicle
  • Your vehicle seems to be “running hot”

To ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs, contact our Honda dealership in Fallston, MD today!

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