2022_Honda_Civic_Red.jpgThe Honda Civic is undeniably svelte with sculpted lines and striking wheels. We’re not surprised the four-door sedan at Heritage Honda Bel Air caught your eye. The only question is, do you want a cool blue Honda Civic, a red hot hue, or a stunning metallic shade?

Honda Civic Sedan Exterior Color Options

There are eight exterior color options available for the 2023 Honda Civic. Each option is undoubtedly stunning, it just depends on which best suits your style – and your personality.

There are three trim levels available for the Honda Civic sedan: Sport, EX, and Touring. Every color isn’t available for each trim level, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when shopping.

  • Aegean Blue Metallic – Sport, EX, Touring
  • Crystal Black Pearl – Sport, EX, Touring
  • Lunar Silver Metallic – Sport, EX, Touring
  • Meteorite Gray Metallic – Sport, EX, Touring
  • Morning Mist Metallic – EX, Touring
  • Platinum White Pearl – Sport, EX, Touring
  • Rallye Red – Sport, EX, Touring
  • Sonic Gray Pearl – Sport, Touring

Honda Civic Hatchback Exterior Color Options

Considering the Honda Civic hatchback instead? It gives you almost 10 extra cubic feet of cargo space in the versatile cabin. There are four trim levels to choose from in the Honda Civic hatchback: LX, Sport, EX-L, and Sport Touring.

  • Crystal Black Pearl – LX, Sport, EX-L, Sport Touring
  • Lunar Silver Metallic – LX, Sport, EX-L, Sport Touring
  • Meteorite Gray Metallic – LX, EX-L, Sport Touring  
  • Rallye Red – Sport, EX-L, Sport Touring   
  • Platinum White Pearl – LX, Sport, EX-L, Sport Touring (extra charge)
  • Boost Blue Pearl – Sport, Sport Touring (extra charge)
  • Sonic Gray Pearl – Sport, Sport Touring (extra charge)
  • Smokey Mauve Pearl – EX-L, Sport Touring (extra charge)

Trying to picture yourself behind the wheel? Why just picture it? Visit our Honda dealership near Edgewood, MD to check out the Honda Civic in person today! 

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