The transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. It moves the power from the engine to the wheels and allows you to switch gears. If you think there may be something wrong with your vehicle’s transmission, make a Honda repair appointment with our team at Heritage Honda Bel Air.

Signs You Need a Transmission Repair

Here are some common signs you may need a transmission repair:

  • Burning Smells: A smell of burnt rubber could indicate that your transmission is overheating.
  • Issue Changing Gears: Cars with transmission problems will struggle to accelerate from a full stop.
  • Concerning Noises: Whining, clunking, and grinding noises as you change gears could all be signs that your transmission is breaking down.
  • Lurching: A car with a faulty transmission will not be able to switch gears smoothly, making for a choppy ride.

Remember, the only way to know for sure something is wrong with your vehicle is to take it to a trusted mechanic. Our trained technicians can determine the root of the issue and tell you how we can fix it.

How to Prevent Transmission Problems

Bringing your Honda vehicle to its regular service appointments can prevent serious transmission problems. We also recommend getting your transmission fluid changed regularly­—check your owner’s manual to see how often you need to do so.

Aggressive driving can be detrimental to your vehicle’s transmission. Plus, rapid acceleration can reduce your car’s fuel economy!

If you need to tow something, make sure that the load does not exceed your vehicle’s maximum towing limit. Excess cargo or towing weight can cause your transmission to overheat.

Ignoring your vehicle’s transmission problems will ultimately lead to transmission failure. Stay ahead of the curve and schedule your repair today at Heritage Honda Bel Air

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